Approved Claims

If you would like to claim a pairing that is not already on the list below, please post a comment here with all of the necessary information.

If you would like to claim a pairing that is on the list, but currently inactive (that is, its status is listed as 0/13, or the author hasn't posted in over a year), please check with us and you may be able to get the claim.

CLAIMS CURRENT AS OF: February, 2019

Pairing Author Table Status
Albus Severus/James Sirius lee_bella Accio! in progress
Antonin/Bellatrix alley_skywalker Accio! in progress
Bill/Draco anassa_anemou Accio! in progress
Charlie/Draco smirkingcat Accio! 0/13
Cho/Padma agirlnamedtruth Accio! 0/13
Draco/Blaise fangqueen Accio! in progress
Draco/Hannah scarletladyy Accio! 0/13
Ginny/Pansy kiertorata Accio! in progress
Harry/Cedric queenvandal Accio! 0/13
Hary/Voldemort themightyflynn Accio! 0/13
Hermione/Pansy imera Accio! 9/13
Justin/Astoria lenapinewoods Accio! 0/13
Justin/Pansy darkhairedgirl Accio! in progress
Katie/Marcus amaranthiumfic Accio! In progress
Kingsley/Severus sassy_cat Accio! 0/13
Lily/Lucius silverlioness80 Accio! 0/13
Minerva/Irma heathersmoke Accio! in progress
Neville/Hermione krissy_cits Accio! in progress
Neville/Pansy josephinestone Accio! in progress
Parvati/Hermione queenofpeace Accio! 0/13
Remus/Hermione articcat621 Accio! 0/13
Rodolphus/Bellatrix elle_blessing Accio! in progress
Rodolphus/Hermione/Rabastan sirmioneforever Accio! in progress
Severus/Sirius dipping_sauce Accio! 0/13
Zacharias/Daphne bluemermaid Accio! 0/13